question re HP 264x terminals

From: Joe R. <>
Date: Fri Dec 17 07:25:27 2004

  I took the CPU card out of one of my HP 2648s and it also has an AMD part
with a HP part number (1820-1701). I had guessed that it was a 8080. I took
some pictures of the card and CPU but I borrowed someone else's camera and
the pictures were LOUSY. IIRC the name on the card was simply "Processor"
or maybe "CPU" with nothing to indicate what kind of CPU it was. I'll
bring the card home next time and try to get some decent pictures.

  There's also a HP 2647 at the warehouse. IIRC There's no drives of any
type on it. I'll try to open it up and see what kind of CPU is in it.


At 11:14 PM 12/16/04 -0800, you wrote:
>The 02640-60008 processor board in my 2640B has an 8008 CPU. Looks
>like standard Intel markings.
>The 02640-60209 processor board in my 2645A has an 8080 CPU. It is
>marked as 1820-1701 (c) AMD. Looks about the same as this 02640-60256
>The 02640-60249 processor board in my 2647F has an 8085 CPU. Looks
>like standard Intel markings, D8086AH-2. There is also a Z80 CPU on
>the 02640-69223 floppy controller board.
>Does anyone else have a 2647F? I have two floppy drives for mine, but
>no program disks. It would be nice to find a copy of the BASIC disk.
>On Wed, 15 Dec 2004 22:14:34 -0600, Jack Rubin <>
>> Which HP 264x terminals used 8008 cpus? I know that the 2640 and 2644 did -
>> but did the 2648 or any others in the series also use it? What is the HP
>> for the 8008 in this application?
>> Jack
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