Panasonic 805 Calculator

From: chris <>
Date: Fri Dec 17 14:14:00 2004

My father has a very much loved Panasonic 805 calculator.

However, in recent months, one of the LED segments has begun to
misbehave. It is getting steadily worse. What happens is, in general the
segment is dim, and once a segment lights, it doesn't seem to turn back
off until you clear the calculation. As a result, very quickly, the one
segment just stays on 8.

Since this is the ones column, it effects all calculation displays (the
calculation itself works fine, it always knows what the number should be,
it is just the display of that number that doesn't work).

Does anyone have any repair info on this calculator? Schematics or
otherwise? I'd love to be able to open it and replace the segment, or
whatever may be misfiring to cause it to display wrong. He hates to give
it up, but he is finding it increasingly hard to use.

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