LF: VT-180 parts

From: Dave Dunfield <dave04a_at_dunfield.com>
Date: Sat Dec 18 13:51:08 2004

Hi again Guys,

Had a VT-180 show up on my doorstep last week, and knowing another
local collector who had one in "unknown condition", I decided to
spend some time working on the two machines.

Good news is that I have both of them working and booting up.

But there are assorted bits and pieces missing, if anyone happens
to have any of these VT-180 parts kicking around, please let me know:

- One machine is missing the drive cable (the data cable from the VT-180
  to the RX-180 disk unit)

- One machine is missing the metal back cover/shield for the card cage

- Both machines are missing the plastic shroud which covers the above
  mentioned cover/shield and connectors.

- Both machines have "VT-100" nameplates - would like to find the VT-180

- One machine is missing the ESC and '3' keys from the keyboard - this
  is a standard VT-100 keyboard, so keys from a VT-100 would also be a
  perfect match.


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