Problems reading older disk on newer drive

From: Nico de Jong <>
Date: Sun Dec 19 01:13:37 2004

From: "Tom Jennings" <>
> Then there's issues with _at_#$%^ IBM (or m'soft) looking for
> text in the boot sector and not just that FATid (the 1st byte
> of each FAT) to ID disks, rendering otherwise-proper MSDOS
> diskettes unusable.

A related "bug" is the following (maybe even the same?)
When I format 3.5" disks on my present conversion system, and insert them in
an IBM or Windows system with virus check software, it will speak up and say
it found a Kitty virus. Extensive forensic work has shown that this is not
the case; the problem is that there is a byte somewhere (can't remember if
is is bootsector or FAT), which according to MS-DOS is un-used.

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