The iPDS is alive!

From: river <>
Date: Sun Dec 19 16:55:28 2004


Thanks to Dave, who sent me the Teledisk images of CP/M and ISIS, I was able to get my old iPDS running after sitting (and doing nothing) for the past few years.

For those interested, I used Teledisk Version 2.11 running on an IBM PS/1 (25Mhz 486) running DOS5. I used 360K DD diskettes in the 5inch (1.2M capable) drive and it worked without any errors. I made a couple of copies and they all booted flawlessly in the iPDS. Wonderful stuff!

The iPDS also came with a programming module for the 8748, 8749 and 8751. I'm not real familiar with these chips, but I may have a few around and I think I've got the spec sheets on them, so I'll have a bit of a play I can do with it.

The MDS225 restoration is going well. I have contacted the seller who has a box of cables and I'm going to see him later this week to see if the dble density drive array cable is there. I hope so 'cos it saves me having to make one.

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