Liberator 220.

From: Dan Williams <>
Date: Mon Dec 20 18:06:07 2004

I now have 7 of these liberator 220's. I don't have the cables yet to
test them, or even know if the cables I have coming will work.
Looking inside the cases they have 2 full height drives in there. They
are standard 50 pin scsi drives.
The two drives connect to what has to be a scsi-->dssi board. This is
making me think that could change these drives for something bigger.
But if anyone knows more about these I would love to know. I was
wondering if the two drives inside are mirrored or in an array. The
arey in a rack all daisy-chained together, unless someone has messed
about with it, I thought dssi was max 7 devices.
They also have a programmable front panel, with no instructions and
just three buttons. Does anyone know how this works.
Also does anyone know how the speed of these compare to standad dssi drives.
This is going to go great on the 4000/705a. It would be nice if I
could swap a couple of the drives for 18gb.

Apologies if you read them, I have asked the same questions on both
vms and dec newsgroups.

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