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From: Jim Brain <brain_at_jbrain.com>
Date: Mon Dec 20 20:01:15 2004

Computer Collector Newsletter wrote:

>Hi everyone,
>This is VERY cool: Jeri Ellsworth and her C64 30-in-1 joystick are featured in
>The New York Times. As I write this email (2:54AM, Monday), it's on the actual
>nytimes.com homepage, with a color photo of her. The article itself is at
>There is a product review of the 30-in-1, head-to-head against the new Atari
>Flashback, at my own site (http://news.computercollector.com) -- click the
>'reviews' link.
I can't remember if someone else remarked this to you on this list, but
you can hold the fire button down to bypass all the intros.

Concerning the joystick, it appears there are two variants. Mine, for
instance, does not suffer from the diagonal issue, but others do. It
appears to be related to the little rubber "pads" used to implement the
joystick directions. My good unit has softer yellow pads, while the bad
units appears to all have the same gray pads used on the fire buttons.
Notwithstanding, I think the C64DTV stick is underwhelming, even on my
good units. It can be inferred that Jeri's exceptional core has been
married to a underengineered package.


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