OT: Html clue?

From: Jules Richardson <julesrichardsonuk_at_yahoo.co.uk>
Date: Tue Dec 21 10:08:59 2004

On Tue, 2004-12-21 at 07:41 -0800, Ron Hudson wrote:

> OOh lookie here... I just fired up Microsoft Internet Explorer and
> tried my site, it gets .dmg instead of .html !!!!!
> Looks like a bug report goes to Apple for Safari! Gah! I hate Explorer!
> I wonder if firefox gets it right...

mime type bug?

IE I believe doesn't follow the spec and treats the file extension as
authorative over the mime type (good ol' MS), whereas other browsers do
work to the spec and obey the mime type. So if the server's sending a
mime type of html for that dmg file (because it's incorrectly
configured) then it's going to cause strange problems at the client

Given the amount of pop-up ads, http redirects and other crud going on
with angelfire I'd recommend you move your web content to a different
provider though! Yuck :-(

Trying to download the file from the command line via wget gives a 404
error along with "Cookie coming from www.angelfire.com attempted to set
domain to angelfire.lycos.com".


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