Old Unibus PDP-11 XXDP diagnostics

From: Ashley Carder <wacarder_at_usit.net>
Date: Tue Dec 21 11:50:21 2004

> > OK, the "magic decoder ring" for converting the MAINDECs to XXDP names
> > is quite simple. The MAINDEC # is of the form:
> > MAINDEC-11-Dxxxx-*
> >
> > To convert this to the XXDP diagnostic name keep only the xxxx part of
> > the MAINDEC #. To run it, do:
> > R xxxx??
> >
> > The first letter in the diagnostic name tells you what processor it's
> > for. If I remember correctly C=11/40, Z=any
> >
> > There's a document that tells all about it (but I can't remember where I
> > found it at the moment).
> I have a copy of the MAINDEC naming convention magic decoder in the
> "PDP-11 Mainframe Troubleshooting Guide". I just didn't know how to
> make the conversion from MAINDEC name to XXDP name.

> > The pack images that you're talking about don't have the correct memory
> > diagnostic, but I've found that ZMSDD0 (wow! from memory...can you tell
> > I've used it a bunch?) works OK enough to be able to find bad memory and
> > you'll know when you hit bad memory. I've also found that having a
> > hardcopy terminal is preferable to a CRT when you're getting failures.
> >
> > If a diagnostic loads and then gives you a prompt like "DB>", START is a
> > good choice as a response.

Guy, I also meant to say thanks for the good info. That will help me out a
and it helps remove some of the "shroud of mystery" (yep, Al, I picked that
from your recent post) that surrounds XXDP.

Does anyone have any older XXDP versions than 2.5 and 2.2?

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