Old Unibus PDP-11 XXDP diagnostics

From: Gooijen H <GOOI_at_oce.nl>
Date: Tue Dec 21 13:58:27 2004

 Ok, I checked.
I am that fast back because I remembered exactly where to look :~)
I have one before me on the desk.
It has the following description:


Don't be fooled, it is printed on Letter format, 2-sided!
Only the first 6 pages are one page per side, all the following
pages are scaled: 2 pages per side, thus 4 pages (or images) per sheet.
The first 6 pages describe the load and start procedure, the switch
bits to get special functions, etc. just as described on my site.
The scaled pages contain the assembly source (output) listing ...
they are numbered from "seq 0012"up to "seq 0103", and I checked,
the numbering is not octal but decimal!
If there is interest I could start to scan these to 600 dpi PDF files,
but I have a stack of approx 20-30 cm high, so that will be a lot MB's!
I could start making a list of what's in the box. Xmas is coming :~)

- Henk.

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Subject: Old Unibus PDP-11 XXDP diagnostics

Does anyone have any info/documentation on the XXDP diagnostics for
older PDP-11 systems and peripherals? I'm looking in particular for the
11/40 (11/35), RK05, DZ11, RL02, MM11 core memory, RX01, RL01
diagnostics. I have found some info on Henk's site, but would like to
know if anyone has a comprehensive list and hints on how to run these,
what the output means, how to answer the prompts, etc.

I have created RL02 packs with XXDP 2.5 and XXDP 2.2 and I can boot and
run stuff from these packs. It appears that the 11/40 diagnostics are
on XXDP 2.2, but not on XXDP 2.5. I have an old 1976 DEC field rep
troubleshooting guide that refers to various MAINDECs, which seem to
have been the diagnostics prior to XXDP. Is there a list somewhere
showing what the XXDP equivalents of the old MAINDECs are?

Any help would be appreciated. I want to exercise my 11/40 and attached
peripherals and see if any subtle gremlins are lurking anywhere within.
Everything appears to be working perfectly with the exception of one of
my three RK05 drives that I knew was problematic.

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