clueless eBay seller for today is:

From: Joe R. <>
Date: Tue Dec 21 15:22:11 2004

At 01:08 PM 12/21/04 -0800, Zane wrote:
>> He certainly hasn't found your website, has he Al? At least he's not
>> claiming that it's "complete and fully functional" like the seller of that
>> recent F-series 1000 did.
>> Joe
>I'd noticed that it's missing something from that back. That's not the card
>cage is it? What is it missing?

   The I/O cards go in the rear and as you noticed there are no I/O cards
in it. The memory and related cards go in the front under the switch panel
and we can only wonder what's there (or not there!) I don't see the battery
simulator plug that plugs into the rear so it's unlikely that it will power
and and pass self-test but of course the seller only claimed that "it
powers up". Not that that means much. You could remove the PSU and all the
cards and the fans would still "power up". Anybody that buys anything like
this with so little information is buying a real pig in a poke!

  About the only good thing about it is that the CPU card is under the
chassis and most gold-scrappers miss them so MOST likely you will at least
get the CPU card.


> Zane
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