Amiga 3000 Mother Board replacement

From: Mike Leavitt <>
Date: Wed Dec 15 22:29:11 2004

Hello Gene

On 12/16/04, you wrote:

> I have a friend with an Amiga 3000. It appears that the backup
> battery has leaked on the mother board causing it to no longer
> function.
> Does anyone know where to find a replacement motherboard?
> Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

c.s.a.marketplace, Amibench or Ebay. I doubt Software Hut has them,
and if they do, you will pay a premium price. I bought one off
c.s.a.marketplace, and one of the CIA's has already blown. PITA
tearing it down and pulling the CIA's off my spare motherboard to
replace it. Anyone know if it is the left or the right one looking
from the front of the case, that controls the mouse?

Mike Leavitt
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