Possible to speed up I/O subsystem of 5150?

From: Jim Leonard <trixter_at_oldskool.org>
Date: Thu Dec 16 00:29:07 2004

Fred Cisin wrote:

> I have a DTC 3250 (SCSI + floppy) with manual AND DRIVER DISK!, and a
> Future Domain TMC-840. Both have ROMs (EPROMs?) They are available if
> they will help.
> ...
> I have had up to 8meg of "Expanded" memory on XTs.
> I have a tote full of TallTree JRAM, JLASER, etc. stuff.
> I don't know what the max was on the later LIM (Lotus Intel MicroSoft)
> EMS (Expanded Memory Specification).

Fred, I would love to experiment with these to see if I can get my animation
rate up to 60Hz (currently 30Hz with some buffering) on my 5150. Please email
me off-list to discuss terms. I have SCSI disk so that's an option; I would
also love to experiment with EMS (I wrote EMS routines many moons ago so I know
how the boards work).
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