Got a HP 2648. Now what?

From: J. David Bryan <>
Date: Sat Dec 18 17:14:25 2004


On Thu Dec 9, 2004, you wrote:

> Its kinda odd how these terminals 'wake-up' with the text input
> directed to the graphical display rather than the alpha display layer.

That shouldn't happen unless the Keyboard Interface PCA is strapped for
"compatibility mode." Open the unit, pull the Keyboard PCA, and check the
DIP switches at the top of the card. Switches P and Q should be set to 0
(closed) for normal operation.

With both closed, the terminal should power up in alpha text mode. Then it
may be switched to graphics text via an escape sequence or by the keyboard
TEXT key, as desired.

(I have an HP 2647A. P and/or Q are set to emulate a Textronix graphics

                                      -- Dave
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