Another iPDS query

From: Joe R. <>
Date: Wed Dec 22 19:57:19 2004

At 11:24 AM 12/22/04 -0500, you wrote:
>on 21/12/04 7:44 PM, Joe R. wrote:
>> I'll bet that you'll be asking for some iSBX Bubble Memory cards next!
>on 21/12/04 7:27 PM, Steve Thatcher wrote:
>> I have one sitting in an iPDS system back in Virginia and I can take photos
>> of it when I return in January. A schematic would be harder...
>>> At 10:52 AM 12/21/2004, Arlen Michaels wrote:
>>>> Does anyone have a spare "Multimodule Adapter Board" for the Intel iPDS?
>>>> This is the adapter that allows iSBX cards (like bubble memory) to be
>I actually have the Bubble Memory card but not the necessary adapter, hence
>the frustration!
>Thanks Steve, a picture would be a start. If anyone can send me a schematic
>from the iPDS tech manual, I could probably slap an adapter together. I
>don't even know if there's any electronics on the adapter board-- I suspect
>it might be little more than a cross-wiring job.
>Arlen Michaels

   I have an iPDS User's manual and it's vague about the bubble card and
adapter card. It's supposed to have instructions about how to install the
bubble card (which would require installing the adapter too). But it's
vague about if there even is an adapter. There are no schematics or
technical details in it so if you get a schematic I'd like a copy too. I
have two iPDSs, one with a bubble card and one without and I do have a
loose (not extra!) iSBX bubble card.

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