Help: Looking for IBM timing belt replacement.

From: Joe R. <>
Date: Thu Dec 23 16:50:05 2004

At 10:38 AM 12/23/04 -0600, you wrote:
>Henk Stegeman wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Who can help me with a source for a timing belt for my IBM 5203 line
printer ?
>> The old belt has given up after 13 years...
>> See:
>> It is a US sized belt:
>> Tooth pitch: 0.125" (1/8)" (this pitch size makes it hard to find)
>> Witdh belt: 0.500" (1/2)"
>> Outer length: 13 inch (98 tooths)
>> Thickness belt: +/- 0.080"
>> Finding this belt in Europe is hopeless, all metrical sizes.
>> Thanks for any reaction / tips that will make printer work again !
>> Regards
>> Henk Stegeman
>> IBM System/3 owner.
>Henk, I don't know if they have it exactly, but they might. Try
>search for "timing belt" and go from there.
>Good luck.
   I doubt McMaster Carr will be of any help. You have to have an account
with them AND a tax number before they'll sell to you. And that's even if
you walk into one of their locations. I doubt they'd even talk to you if
they knew that you're in Europe. Try Stock Drive Components or Florida
Belting. I've bought belts from Florida Belting and had good success with
them but I don't know if they're on the web. If you'll send me a message
after Christmas and remind me I'll give them a call and see if they have
the right belt (almost certain) and if they'll ship to Europe.

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