CBBS version 3.5, and other musty stuff

From: Gordon JC Pearce <gordon_at_gjcp.net>
Date: Fri Dec 24 03:36:04 2004

Tom Jennings wrote:

> Took the bad bearing out of the noisy B: drive (it was a sealed
> ball bearing ass'y, not a plain like I thought; I washed it out,
> added some light lube, wrote down the part number, will order
> one, it's quieter in the mean time).

They don't make 'em like that any more...

As I said, there's no such thing as "a bearing for a $machine" - except
in very unusual circumstances. Every bearing is made to a given size,
and machinery manufacturers pick one that suits their needs. For
example, I discovered that the ball races that form the timing belt
tensioners on my '79 Citroen GSA (two, one for each head) are also used
(only one though) on Fiat Tipos as timing belt tensioners, Zetor
tractors as a gearbox shaft bearing and Bosch washing machines as a drum

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