Help: Looking for IBM timing belt replacement.

From: Dwight K. Elvey <>
Date: Fri Dec 24 11:15:16 2004

 Grainger claims to be a whole saler. They like to
always deal with companies. Even though not incorporated,
they have no problem selling to our small water system
company ( 7 homes ) but won't sell to me as an individual.
If it is taxable, they don't need a tax number. I'd
suspect that if you gave them most any fictitious name
they would sell to you without question, even in small

>From: "Tom Jennings" <>
>On Thu, 23 Dec 2004, Joe R. wrote:
>> I doubt McMaster Carr will be of any help. You have to have an account
>> with them AND a tax number before they'll sell to you. And that's even if
>> you walk into one of their locations. I doubt they'd even talk to you if
>> they knew that you're in Europe.
>Grainger is like that too, never could figure out what their
>problem is.
>MSC Direct doesn't have that problem. I buy for work and
>personally. I do simple $30 orders, online, delivered
>to home. YOu can call and talk to (somtimes) knowledgable
>people. Overall prices are OK, not great; but when you need
>only one item or a small quantity (I just bought a bunch of
>odd plastics from them) it doesn't matter.
>Ask for a free catalog; is 4" thick, thousands of pages, hard
>cover! Free!
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