Id'ing disk cartridges

From: Joe R. <>
Date: Fri Dec 24 12:13:24 2004

  Anybody have any suggestions aout how to identify what drive/system these
are for? I picked up several 15" removeable disk cartridges earlier this
week but I don't know what drive or system they're for. It looks like they
came from a GenRad test station so it was probably some kind of DEC based
system. A couple of the disks say "Scopus Corporation System 90". Anybody
have any idea what that is? One disk was made by Magntic Data and is a
model 46. Another was made by Nashua and it's model 4416-16. I just found
another marking that says one of the disk is for a GenRad 1796 ssytem.
Anybody know anything aboutt the Genrad test stations? I think I have all
of the system disks for that system. FWIW the system was used for testing a
transponder for the MilStar satellite.

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