Speaking of RK05 disk cartridges ...

From: Ashley Carder <wacarder_at_usit.net>
Date: Fri Dec 24 14:10:16 2004

> 4416-16
> probably 16 sector. if they are 5440 (RL02-looking) probably
> not that interesting, but if they are 2315 (RK05-looking) the pdp8
> guys will want them.

I have some (about 8 or 10) 16 sector RK05 packs, which work in
a PDP-8. I need some good clean 12 sector RK05 packs for my
PDP-11. I finally got my 3rd RK05 drive working a couple days
ago, so now I have three good RK05 drives on my 11/40. Does
anyone out there have any spare 12 sector RK05 packs that they
don't need? Does anyone need some 16 sector packs (which I
think are less common than the 12 sector RK05s)? If so, contact
me off-list.

Merry Christmas to everyone here on the list!

Ashley Carder
Received on Fri Dec 24 2004 - 14:10:16 GMT

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