Intel iPDS in general

From: Glen Slick <>
Date: Fri Dec 24 21:38:33 2004

Yes, the iPDS does use an 8272.

Here's the list of interesting chips on the base processor.

8085 CPU (2x)
8202 Dynamic RAM Controller
8251 Communication I/O
8253 Interval Timer
8255 Peripheral I/O (3x)
8272 Floppy Disk Controller
8275 CRT Controller
2716 EPROM (3x, not sure if all 3 are 2716)
8264 DRAM (8x, 64KB)

> The main processor board (and it was one monolithic system board with
> cables to the keyboard, crt, and floppy drive. Besides the main cpu
> with 64KB of ram, there was a second 8085 that implemented the keyboard
> and crt terminal. So the main cpu only talked through an I/O port to
> get "console in" and "console out". The main board also had an 8272 (I
> think that was the chip) to control the floppy drive.
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