Computer rescue in Kalamazoo, MI USA

From: Mark Davidson <>
Date: Sat Dec 25 00:45:15 2004

I'd *definitely* be interested in the AT&T Unix PC! If no one else has
claimed it and you do end up picking it up, I'll happily pay for
shipping and some gas!

Mark Davidson

On Dec 21, 2004, at 10:20 AM, Roger Merchberger wrote:

> Rumor has it that John Foust may have mentioned these words:
>> I received a request for computer rescue at Kalamazoo College
>> in Michigan. Below is a mostly-complete list.
>> They'd like someone to pick it up in early January.
> I *may* be able to rescue this if no-one else can, but I'd need to
> find homes for most all of it fairly soon, as I don't have a ton of
> suitable storage space (especially since it was -18F Sunday, and -10F
> yesterday...) -- about the only thing I might be interested in myself
> is the HP9K but if someone else wanted it really bad... ;-)
> Keep in mind Kzoo is a 600mile round trip, so a few bones for gas
> above item shipping would be a plus for those who may want it...
> Laterz,
> Roger "Merch" Merchberger
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