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Date: Sun Dec 26 11:03:47 2004

> jpero_at_sympatico.ca wrote:
> > Chrysler 2.2L and 2.5L (both four inline) aren't interference engine.
> > And runs long timing belt.
> I figured that. I liked mine. It was an 82 Dodge Charger. I brought
> home my first desktop PCs in the hatch, an IBM 5150, and an IBM XT case
> with mostly aftermarket guts. I think I got the whole pile for $30.

Great you liked that engine. It is so strong that mopar and owners
tinkered with them and many are capable of excess of 300HP to 400HP
> Chains are normally enclosed in castings and sealed from the outside
> areas because they are exposed to engine oil. A belt can be covered
> with a simple plastic shrowd, like on the 2.2L Chrysler. That's were
> the biggest weight differance would come from.

Not too much really. Use stamped steel or cast aluminum with good
seal design to keep weight down and a redesigned oil pan and valve
cover to seal both front end of pan to the chain cover. Those two
big belt spockets are heavy and made of sintered metal.

Both front and rear sides on these blocks are milled flat, would be
nice spot for simple chain cover to seal with, different right side
mount design and spacers to take care of different cover.


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