OT: timing belts

From: Tom Jennings <tomj_at_wps.com>
Date: Mon Dec 27 03:42:51 2004

Belts are used in production cars for a number of reasons:

gears are noisy; using helical cuts etc to lower noise puts
thrust onto camshafts causing other problems. Most gear drives
are extremely noisy, usually the loudest thing under the hood.
Camshaft thrust forces cause "walk" which is generally bad.

Rubber belts are quiet, and reliable "enough". Our 96 Honda
requires a new one every 60K? miles or so.

The rambler, like most american, pre-1980, rear-drive
cast-iron engines, has a steel belt, no recommended replacement
interval. Mine's 17 yrs old. No reason to even check it for
wear. I run synth oil, and LP doesn't cause combustion crud in
the oil and lasts 15K+ miles per change, but I change every 8K
or so.

Nylon gears (for belts) lower noise even more, at slightly
reduced life.

Good oil change intervals eliminate most problems,
eg. maintenance.
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