Question about memory boards used on VAX 11/7xx

From: Pierre Gebhardt <>
Date: Mon Dec 27 12:43:39 2004

Hello guys,

> > Can I use these boards in my PDP 11/24, too ?
> Nope, not if they're 7xx boards. If these are standard UNIBUS boards,
> you should be able to use them in both the 7xx and a PDP-11.

That's the info I found on the net from a 11/750 FAQ:

"National Semiconductor Memory Systems: 1Mb memory boards. These boards have
PWB 551109464-002 B
PWA 980109464-001 D
etched on them. They have a push-button switch for disabling the board, and a spare memory chip in a socket on the board. Board has green and yellow LEDS, which should normally both be on. Disabling the board causes the yellow LED to go out, and the red LED on the L0016 to come on, indicating bad memory configuration."

Fred, what do you mean with "very wide boards" exactly ?
These boards do have 6 fingers (hex wide) and fit into a usual UNIBUS slot.

What are the differences between the VAX11 bus and the ordinary UNIBUS ?
Can I find that out with a closer look to the pins ?
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