COMPLETE Votrax PSS available on eBay

From: Jonathan Gevaryahu <>
Date: Tue Dec 28 00:58:59 2004

A COMPLETE (including the manual, brochures, quick reference sheet, power
supply, and parallel cable) Votrax Personal Sound System is available on

(I *WISH* I had all the peripherals that one comes with, with mine... It
even includes the custom parallel Y cable, which I still need to find the
wire mapping for and build... Speaking of which, I should get off my lazy
rear and finish building the power supply for mine first so I can see if it
even WORKS...)

Jonathan Gevaryahu

P.S. sorry for the multi-send, comcast's mailserver seems to have some sort
of a rate limit against it by whatever isp classiccmp runs behind, so the
original message will probably arrive after the auction is over.
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