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Date: Tue Dec 28 10:20:55 2004

On Mon, 27 Dec 2004, Scarletdown wrote:

> any info as to whether or not he is okay. During my search, I came
> across this real cool pic of him working hard on 2010: Odyssey 2. The
> copyright date on the picture is 1984, so it is no surprise that a
> couple cool classics would be involved. Check it out...
> http://www.lsi.usp.br/~rbianchi/clarke/ACC.Kaypro.gif

This reminds me. I went and saw "The Life Aquatic" the other day (I
thought it was too long and kind of mediocre compared to Wes Anderson's
previous two films) and in the movie there are two TRS-80 Model 4
computers in their on-ship lab. They're used to communicate two useless
dolphins that tag along with the ship.

I'm not sure if the movie was supposed to be set back in the 1980s or if
their equipment was just really outdated.

While I'm at it, I'm sure everyone who is in to vintage computer geek
sightings in movies noticed the Apple ][ in "The Royal Tennenbaums".

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