Lisa 1 for Sale

From: Erik Klein <>
Date: Tue Dec 28 17:21:32 2004

> NOT MINE and I do not know the seller, buy price is $4000

Okay, I've got it figured out now.

The Yahoo seller has copied the listing from here:

This eBay listing is a legitimate sale with one day to go and bidding
already at 10K.

The Yahoo listing is an obvious fraud.

The eBay seller, vintagemicros, has a bevy of classic items up every week
(I'm taking hundreds) which makes me very curious as to what he's all
about. Does anyone know? If I were to guess he was a retailer or service
type way-back-when and warehoused a bunch of stuff. . .

While I'm asking, does anyone know who randomz3 is? He's got the deepest
pockets I've ever seen on eBay!

Erik Klein
The Vintage Computer Forum
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