12th edition of the Secret Weapons of Commodore

From: Cameron Kaiser <spectre_at_floodgap.com>
Date: Wed Dec 29 05:45:47 2004

After an unacceptably long hiatus and several days of round the clock work,
the 12th edition of Secret Weapons of Commodore has been released.

Secret Weapons of Commodore is a repository site for rare, unusual, prototype
or vapourware Commodore computers and peripherals, focusing primarily on 8-bit
systems, with photographs and contemporary literature references where
possible. The URL is


New entries:

        * the Drean Argentine remixes (thanks Pablo Trincavelli),
                 with pictures;
        * the Norwegian 3032 and 128DCR (thanks Asbjorn Djupdal),
                 with pictures;
        * the Swedish PET 200 (thanks Anders Gronberg), with pictures;
        * the Commodore "MIDI Keyboard" (thanks Holger Karlson);
        * the 1582 (thanks James Crook);

New pictures:

        * complete pictures of the Ultimax (from my own unit), as well as
                additional pictures from Dan Benson;
        * additional pictures of the V364 (thanks Dan Benson);
        * additional pictures of the 232 (Dan again);
        * additional pictures and commercial blurbs of the VIC-1001 (Dan
        * complete (and real this time!) pictures of the Lorraine boards,
                taken at VCF (in Dale Luck's possession);
        * complete pictures of the Swedish 3032 (thanks Peter Karlsson);
        * keyboard pictures of the Swedish 128DCR (Peter again);
        * the awful Swedish localization stickers (Peter encore);
        * internals of the Sound Sampler (thanks John Selck);
        * a screenshot of the 65 Burn-In board at work and an updated
                screenshot of the 65 intro screen (thanks Moise Sunda);
        * better picture of the 65 RAM expansion (thanks Riccardo Rubini);
        * picture of the C116 box (yours truly);
        * press clipping on the Music Maker (thanks Todd Elliott);


        * significant rewrites for clarity/accuracy of the Amiga early days;
        * updated current history of the Amiga and Commodore brand names, along
                with the C-One and DTV (thanks Jeri Ellsworth);
        * the TV Game series' technical data as evidenced by the Coleco
        * notes on the C65 board, firmware and chip revisions (thanks Anders
                Carlsson, Riccardo);
        * another possible HHC-4 sighting in the Toshiba IHC-8000 (thanks
                Scott Jones);
        * information on the disk version of the SFX software;
        * the Music Maker seems to be an Incredible Music Keyboard clone
                (thanks Todd);
        * a little more history on the SX-500 (thanks Dale);
        * early specifications of the Lorraine;
        * the 364 does not have the same vocabulary as the Magic Voice (thanks
                Bo Zimmerman);
        * notes on the Ultimax's expansion port and rewrites for clarity;
        * Michael Tomczyk seems to call the 364 the "MAX";
        * where the Sound Sampler's creator is now;
        * custodial updates to the 900, Golden 64, and Colour PET/TOI pages

Please continue to submit any updates, sightings and corrections. The URL,
as above, is


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