Lisa 1 for Sale

From: Chandra Bajpai <>
Date: Mon Dec 27 18:57:02 2004

I really wish I had a deep pocketbook...In the past I've seen Lisa-1's go
for $15K, so this is a bargain (if it was real). I've heard there are fewer
than 50 Lisa-1s in existence. But I can't believe it's more valuable than a
Apple-1 though.

Now I smell something fishy here....there is a Lisa-1 on auction on ebay by
a well known vintage PC seller:

Isn't that strange a Lisa-1 would appear on Yahoo at the same time, with a
unknown seller (and no rating) and even better uses the same exact wording
as the Ebay auction?

 Lisa Enthusiast

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NOT MINE and I do not know the seller, buy price is $4000
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