Couple of pdp-11 items wanted...

From: Mike Ross <>
Date: Wed Dec 29 09:04:57 2004

Does anyone by any chance have a good 11/70 backplane that's surplus to
requirements? I've a couple of QED-95 boardsets(1), but no 11/70 this side
of the Atlantic to put them in... :-(

(I plan to build a tabletop 'ultimate 11/70' with the QED-95, modern
switcher power supply, Emulex SCSI, and internal SCSI disk... got all the
bits except the backplane!)

Alternatively, and even less likely, does anyone have a spare CIM-60 card?
This is the QED front panel interface card that's required to use the QED-95
with an 11/35 chassis...

Replies via email please, the list digests I receive are patchy at present -
they arrive all in a lump every ten days or so, with nothing in between!

(1) purchased on epay - latest one:

Discussion point: this seller has had quite a few QED-95s recently, and also
quite a few Setasi PEP70/Hypercache sets. The PEP70/Hypercache consistently
goes for much more money than the QED-95 - up to $300-400 for a set, I've
seen. Anyone care to speculate why?


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