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Date: Wed Dec 29 12:01:10 2004

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> > > You know the next thing that will happen is forgeries...I'm sure it
> wouldn't
> > > take much to forge plastic and paper...hell if they can do it with
> > > paintings, software can't be very difficult.
> > >
> > > -Chandra
> >
> > This is already happening. I was made aware of several cases of this being
> > reported in the community that specializes in collecting old Sierra On-Line
> > software.
> More details, please.

This comes to me 2nd hand, so take it for what it's worth....

About 6 months ago I had offered up some fairly mint Sierra games (mostly Kings
Quest versions) via eBay. This stuff was still in the shrink wrap. I'd had
good luck in the past moving Sierra stuff, so I figured it would fetch a pretty
good price. The stuff wound up selling for alot more than I had figured it
would though (some titles upwards of $100). I didn't think much about about,
chocked it up to good fortune. The buyer paid immediately via PayPal so
everything was cool from my end. A few days later I got an email from a guy I
had sold some Sierra stuff in the past saying he was in on the bidding for many
of these items and was hoping to get them but the prices just got too insane
and he had to pass. He asked some questions about the winning buyer. When I
asked him why he was so interested, he said that the Sierra community was
tracking a known conterfeiter of Sierra merchandise. Apparently they had
caught someone dealing in bogus merchandise. This guy claimed that the
counterfieter had changed names, addresses (actually moving to CA from Israel
at one point) and that he had multiple aliases, addresses, and eBay ids that he
was using to obtain product. He also claimed that the guy was using stolen
credit card numbers for most of his purchases and had months where he spent
upwards of $8000 on stuff. The community suspected that my buyer may have been
their counterfeiter and were trying to keep tabs on this person. I'm not sure
if my buyer was "the guy" or not (or even if the story is true!), but that's
how it was explained to me.


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