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From: der Mouse <mouse_at_Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA>
Date: Wed Dec 29 12:51:35 2004

>> It always makes me laugh when I see one group of lunatics say all
>> the OTHER groups are lunatics. :)

>> Whether we collect computers, radios, typewriters, televisions,
>> telegraphs keys, telephones, mathematical tools, hand tools, or
>> whatever -- we're all basically doing the same thing.

> Yeah, but you gotta admit, people who think solder makes a difference
> in how their Barney songs sound are seriously batty.

No more so than people who think that running a game on a real Apple ][
makes it run any better than running it on an emulator.

Emotional biases _aren't_ rational, almost by definition.

Besides, I'm not sure they're wrong. *I* certainly can't hear the
difference. But I've never been able to hear the difference between
tube and transistor, either, and that doesn't mean I can't accept that
a lot of audiophiles can. Indeed, I know one who tells me that if I
were to actually do a flip-between-them comparison, I would hear the
difference. (He might even be right for all I know - only one way to
tell for sure.) It's just plausible enough that the exact alloy used
in the solder affects the way the metal-to-metal junctions react to
current flowing through them that I don't dismiss it out of hand.

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