From: Al Kossow <aek_at_spies.com>
Date: Wed Dec 29 17:34:57 2004

[Computing] I have been told that _Introduction to Objectivist
Epistemology_ was required reading at the Xerox PARC lab where OOP
was invented, but this may be merely an urban legend. --
wilcoxb at cs.colorado.edu (Bryce Wilcox)

In view of the temporal sequence, it seemed plausible to 
ask whether Randıs work had any actual influence on Kay and 
his colleagues at Xerox PARC. In October 2001, I sent
electronic mail messages to Kay, and to all the members of his 
original Smalltalk team whose e-mail addresses were available 
on the Internet, asking this question. The replies I received 
were unanimous: Ayn Randıs epistemology was not discussed 
by or known to any of them. Kay kindly sent me an extended 
reply, reproduced in Appendix A
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