Reviving old hard drives

From: 9000 VAX <>
Date: Wed Dec 29 19:21:07 2004

On Wed, 29 Dec 2004 20:11:06 -0500, Bob Lafleur
<> wrote:
> Is there a repository of information regarding reviving old hard drives?
> Specifically, I have a Seagate ST3390N in a Mac Iici that appeard not to
> spin-up anymore. I'm wondering if there are any "tricks" that might get this
> drive running again? It's got my running copy of Opcode Vision on it, and
> I've not found any newer MIDI sequencing software that runs on current
> systems that I'm more comfortablr with... I'd love to get my Vision running
> again!
If the circuit board is defective, you might want to find another
ST3390N and replace the circuit board. Other than that, I have no idea
how a hard drive could be repaired.

vax, 9000

> - Bob
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