Commodore sold yet again

From: Cameron Kaiser <>
Date: Wed Dec 29 19:47:00 2004

> >
> > Tulip Computers announce the sale of Commodore to the American
> > Yeahronimo Media Ventures for 24 million Euro. Click 'read more' for
> > a Babelfish translation of the original article.
> 24 MILLION Euro? FOR WHAT? Commodore means NOTHING commercially anymore.
> It's a god damn pyramid scheme at this point. Each new owner hoping to
> find an even more naive buyer than they were.

I rather agree, especially considering the me-too iPoops that this union
previously spat forth (Yeahronimo was part of the original Commodore "music"
arm when Tulip decided to get down and dirty with their trademark).

If Tulip couldn't properly capitalize on it, then relative unknown Yeahronimo
is paying 24 million EUR merely for a chance to be laughed at by future
retrocomputer geeks.

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