Reviving old hard drives

From: Stan Barr <>
Date: Thu Dec 30 03:08:12 2004


bob_lafleu said:
> Is there a repository of information regarding reviving old hard drives?
> Specifically, I have a Seagate ST3390N in a Mac Iici that appeard not to
> spin-up anymore. I'm wondering if there are any "tricks" that might get this
> drive running again? It's got my running copy of Opcode Vision on it, and
> I've not found any newer MIDI sequencing software that runs on current
> systems that I'm more comfortablr with... I'd love to get my Vision running
> again!

The 20Mb drive in my SE (sorry, I forget the make of drive) failed the same
way. I ended up freezing it overnight then giving the drive a *hard*
rotational flick in the direction of the platter spin and it worked long
enough for me to copy the data off. It didn't keep working long, but it
was enough to save the data. On dismantling the drive I found that the
grease on the platter spindle had gone rock hard with age - this happened
to an old full-height drive in my AT too.
Stan Barr
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