Powermac 8100/80 RAM question

From: chris <cb_at_mythtech.net>
Date: Thu Dec 30 09:04:43 2004

>I have a Powermac 8100/80 that needs a RAM upgrade. Lowendmac.com
>says that it can handle 72-pin SIMMs, up to 32MB each. My question is
>this: does it take the same 72-pin SIMMs as a PC, or does it require
>special "mac-only" SIMMs? Google only showed people still selling the
>RAM (for outrageous prices), and I couldn't get actual specs on the
>RAM itself.

Plain old cheap PC simms work fine. If you can, get non-parity as that
was what it really called for, but I have successfully used parity in any
mac I've tried (that require 72 pin simms that is... 30 pin ones will NOT
work with parity for the most part... there are a few exceptions like the
version of the IIci that was specifically designed TO use parity, as well
as IIRC, some of the last models to use 30 pin would work with either

You should be able to pick them up cheap from enough places. One thing in
your favor... the Mac isn't very picky about matched simms, so you may be
able to buy a bunch from somewhere like 18004memory.com that sells
unmatched parts pretty cheap in their clearance section.

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