Powermac 8100/80 RAM question

From: chris <cb_at_mythtech.net>
Date: Thu Dec 30 10:25:52 2004

>No systems that shipped used EDO. We went from FPM to SDRAM.

Not entirely accurate... although the ones I was thinking of don't use
EDO anyway (my memory told me the 660AV and 840AV required EDO memory
installed in pairs... I just looked it up and it appears I'm wrong, they
don't care).

However, there ARE Macs that require EDO (according to Apple), but upon
looking that up, it looks like it may only be DIMM based machines, so it
still wouldn't apply to this instance (where I said there were some that
required EDO 72 pin SIMMs).

So you are correct, it appears that there are no 72 pin simm based units
that require EDO, however, EDO is required in some Macs that use DIMMs
(which as everyone knows is NOT the same thing as SDRAM). Specifically,
the 4400, 5500, and 6500 require EDO... and the 7200 can NOT use EDO, in
fact there is a note saying it may damage the machine. The rest can use
FMP or EDO simms or dimms (according to the same chart, the 8100, the
system in question, wants FMP but will use EDO as FMP if EDO are
installed... which is consistant with what I have found of any other 72
pin SIMM mac I've upgraded)


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