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From: David H. Barr <dhbarr_at_gmail.com>
Date: Wed Dec 29 16:24:12 2004

Continuing my trend of top-posting, forwarded-to-personal-addresses
naughtiness in search of a copy of this book. Was anyone able to find
a copy? If not I can make the 200 mile drive to the nearest
(supposed) copy and see how liberal the library allows me to be with
my laptop and scanner.

On further archive scans, I noted that some may have documentation
(brochures, manuals, etc.) for the commercial model (ct-650) or photos
of finished systems. I am interested in obtaining copies of ANY
related material.)


PS: Sorry about doubly forwarding the list.

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From: David H. Barr <dhbarr_at_gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 29 Dec 2004 15:05:45 -0600
Subject: Paperclip Computer Book
To: design.fort_at_ns.sympatico.ca


What ever happened with your project listed on:
http://www.computermuseum.20m.com/alcosser.htm? Do you still have the
book? I'm interested in building one of these things myself, but I
have NEVER been able to find a complete copy of the book.

Please respond, even if it is decidedly in the negative.

Thanks in Advance,
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