Waterloo MicroWAT ?

From: Dave Dunfield <dave04a_at_dunfield.com>
Date: Thu Dec 30 17:30:07 2004

Anyone here know anything about the "MicroWAT" computer, which was
developed at the University of Waterloo in Ontario Canada around 1980.

I just acquired one - this is a small 6809 based computer, which I am
told is very similar/somewhat compatible with the Waterloo 6809 coprocessor
in the Commodore SuperPET.

Looking for any information on it, as well as software (it apparently uses
an IEEEish drive like the PET - in fact, it is possible/likely that a CBM
drive is what it was designed for)

One burning question - when I opened the machine, I found five cards in the
slots - an I/O card, a CPU card (with a bit of ROM), a ROM card, and two RAM
cards - tucked into the gap left by the two remaining empty slots was a small
sealed board wrapped up in a plastic bag.

This board is only perhaps 2-1/2 inches high (1/2 height or less of the other
boards), and is completely encased in a shell, perhaps 1" thick, and is filled
with potting compound - the only part visible is the edge card connector. In
other words, it looks like a 1" x 2-1/2" black box with an edge card connector
protruding from it - it will fit the slots, although I'm not completely
certain which way it goes in (it could face either way).

Anyone know what this board is? Could it be related to the "Secret" little
daughter board in the SuperPET (the one whose function was never documented)?
[If it's like that board, then it would be required for the system to function,
 which would lead to the question - why was it unplugged and wrapped up?]

any info or pointers for either the machine, card or both would be greatly

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