Waterloo MicroWAT ?

From: Cameron Kaiser <spectre_at_floodgap.com>
Date: Thu Dec 30 21:03:18 2004

> > Based on that document, yes, it does sound like they are indeed separate
> > units. Is there a 6502 in yours, or is it 6809 only?
> >
> > I'll update my page.
> It has only a 6809 in it, which doesn't suprise me, since I don't believe the
> 6502 is actually used by the Waterloo software once the SuperPET is switched
> to 6809 mode.
> I am planning an update to my site within the next couple of weeks, and I will
> include photos of the microWAT (inside and out), as well as the document that
> I have, and whatever other information I can turn up between now and then.

Okay. Since that's not, strictly speaking, a Commodore device (now ^^), I'll
just include a link to your page when you have it up. Send me the URL when
you complete it.

Thanks for the information! I'm sorry mine was wrong. ^_^;;

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