Intel MDS Series II poll

From: river <>
Date: Thu Dec 30 16:59:36 2004


I'll gladly admit to having one. What a wonderful old beast. Got it a few weeks ago - covered in grime and dirt, but I cleaned up the main box and all the boards and connectors and it runs like a dream now.

It's an MDS-225, and it came with the expansion chasis, double-density disk drive array, ICE-80, ICE-51 and ICE-41 emulators and software and ISIS-II disks. I ran the ROM-based diags and it all came out okay - including the integral disk drive. I need a cable (or pinouts so I can make one) to attach the disk array. I think I'll need the disk array 'cos most of the disks are double density and won't run on the integral drive.

I haven't cleaned up or attached the expansion chasis yet. I'm currently on the hunt for manuals and have got most of them from the net and printed them out. Great stuff. I love this old equipment. I'm still getting used to it 'cos I've never used a diskette-only based MDS.

My current pride and joy is an MDS-Series4 with ICE-85B emulator. I got another Series-4 also (when I got the MDS-225), but, as mentioned in a previous post, this baby's got a RAM error and I don't have enough spare 2118 chips to replace all the current chips, so I'm trying to isolate the chip, but it's kinds hard with no cct diagram. The CRO doesn't show anything wrong, but as the System Monitor comes up I think I'll write a short program to help isolate the fault.

But, as both systems cost me only $88AUD, I can't really complain - even though their bulk is a challenge to the wife as they are in the family room. I don't think she's an "old big Intel box" sorta lady. :)

Oh, thanks again to Dave for the TD images for the iPDS. I'm having a bit of fun with that thing also. Simply marvellous stuff. I got an ISIS-II users guide - thanks Fritz - so I'll be getting into this too. Ahh.. so many projects and things! I love it.

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