how do I connect a BBC micro to a VGA monitor?

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Sun Feb 1 11:33:23 2004

> >Probably the easiest solution if you're not a video expert is to use a PC
> >with a TV input card. You could at least feed the Beeb's composite output
> >into such a card (do any such cards exist with RGB inputs?)
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> >-tony
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> wasn't there a hack on the mainboard to convert the composite to colour

Yes. On msot Beebs, it's just a matter of fitting the right jumper. On
the ACW (which has a Beeb B+ as the I/O processor), you have to fit 4
chips and a handful of components to add the PAL encoder circuitry.

However, the PAL subcarrier may well cause artefacts with 80 column text.
I'd prefer to use an RGB connection if possible.

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