new find: Sun Ultra 10 - NVRAM and Boot

From: Dave Mitton <>
Date: Sun Feb 1 13:29:26 2004

well this thread has wandered and fragmented before I saw it.

I have a Sun Ultra 5 running in my basement. It took me a little bit of
work to keep it running.

One problem with these platforms is that they have a battery powered NVRAM
chip in them, that will give out after a several years. (Sort of like a
If they die, the boot fails.
Good news is that the replacement parts are available. Here's a FAQ
I got one from Digikey for about $20.

A tip: I found if I left the system powered up for several days, that the
NVRAM would charge up enough to boot ... sometimes.

wrt: boot process
- Scrounge around on the Sun website in the docs area, you need to find the
detailed documentation on the boot process and commands.
- There is a extended diagnostic mode that you can evoke with the right key
combinations at power-up.
- It will display running POST diagnostics while booting to the screen or a
serial terminal. You can also get it to leave a failure code in the
various lights on the keyboard. (get that keyboard hooked up!) You need
the docs to decode the indication.

Solaris 9 and Companion software CDs are availible from Sun for FREE on
their website. There are also sunfreeware sites out there.


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> >> Subject: new find: Sun Ultra 10
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> >> Found one of these today. Tried to boot it but it goes into terminal
> >> mode because I don't have a keyboard attached.
> >
> >And won't boot as well? Odd.
> It probably is trying to boot but I don't have a keyboard attached so it
>reports that there's no keyboard attached and that it will connect to a
>terminal on COM 1. Then the screen blanks out.
> >
> >> No idea of the amount of memory or CPU speed since I can't get to the
> >> OS.
> >
> >Older Suns report their RAM config and at least some info about their
> >CPU in the ROM-generated banner. If it has the "ok " prompt the older
> >machines use, typing "banner" at it might do something useful.
> It never gets that far without the keyboard. I have a keyboard in
>storage. I'll go get it tomorrow.
> Joe
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