Ultrix on an 11/730?

From: Patrick Finnegan <finnegpt_at_purdue.edu>
Date: Sun Feb 1 14:51:21 2004

On Friday 30 January 2004 15:35, Steve Jones wrote:
> Brad Parker wrote:
> > Has anyone tried either of the tu58 "emulators"? I found one
> > software tar and another hardware device.
> Here are the two items Brad referred to:

> http://www.sparetimegizmos.com/Hardware/TU58_Emulator.htm

> http://www.tuhs.org/Archive/PDP-11/Emulators/TU58/

You might wanna check out VTserver if you don't have a machine running
with an old-enough copy of UNIX on it:


It works quite beautifully when I've tried using it. And, unlike the
tu58 software emulator you mentioned, actually does compile on Linux
(and thus probably Free/NetBSD and other modern UNIXes).

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