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From: Philip Pemberton <>
Date: Mon Feb 2 03:04:47 2004

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> I am not really surprised. People first spend allot for the hardware, then
> they go after original manuals, original software, and finally posters or
> magazines talking about the machine (the real hardcore go after schematics
> and training videos).
Actually, I tend to start with the machine, then I usually go after technical
documentation and finish off with operation manuals and the like.
The only exception I've made thus far was for my Tek oscilloscope - the
service manual includes a copy of the operator's manual.

I'd still like copies of the Popular Electronics magazines that included the
Scopewriter, the COSMAC ELF and the add-ons and software for the ELF. Then
there's the ten or so Maplin "Electronics: The Maplin Magazine" magazines I
need to complete my - ahem - "collection". I've already got every single
Everyday Practical Electronics magazine from November 1997 onwards.

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