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Date: Mon Feb 2 15:21:35 2004

>> [..."of" vs "have", or more properly vs "'ve"...]
> What is the burning desire that makes people go out of their way to
> correct grammar in posts?

Well, speaking purely personally (ie, not for "people"), grammar and
spelling mistakes bother me not so much in themselves as as evidence of
sloppiness and/or carelessness. A few of the worst - such as confusing
"its" and "it's", or "lose" and "loose" (which latter aren't even
homonyms!), or treating "criteria" as a singular noun - I have found
myself becoming sufficiently sensitized to that they grate on my eye,
to mix a metaphor, and make the text significantly less pleasant (and
marginally slower) to read.

I do usually reserve on-list corrections for only the most egregious
examples, though. :)

Occasionally they can be amusing, as when someone knew "faux pas" from
spoken speech, wanted to write it, and ended up writing "pho pa". Ever
since, I've thought of that as the Vietnamese mistake, because that
spelling looks very Vietnamese to me. :-)

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