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> I write exclusively on my computer and my writing has stayed the same
> (i.e. nigh impeccable!)

Must be nice, I find that when your word processor has a spell checker and
grammer checker you start to rely on it (you get lazy) while if your using
paper and pen you tend to be more careful (and if your publishing something
to be read by your peers your really carefull). Maybe its just me, I dont
know. While everything you post on the net stays around for quite a while
the probablility of somebody finding and actually reading something I posted
here on how to get an MFM drive working on a P200 PC when they are looking
up a patent I filed for process control are not very high. too many hits on
a search engine are as bad as none at all.

> But how can you determine if the content is good if you can't decipher the
> text because the grammer is so poor?

Most mistakes are obvious typos or wordprocessor screwups based on typos ("I
walked down to the see" instead of sea), while sloppy it doesnt keep you
from deciphering the content. If your reading an article that was aimed at
people with a higher level of education then yourself your going to have
problems even without grammar errors (some legal documents and medical
reports come to mind). Then you have people who like to weave a string of
grammatically correct worthless crap like 90% of the dotcom era websites did
for what the company actually produced. I have read quite a few manuals for
process controllers coming from japan that showed you what you needed to do
to make then function, but were a pain to read because of the translation
somebody did from japanese to english.

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