Vacuum tube logic thing

From: William Donzelli <>
Date: Mon Feb 2 21:48:01 2004

I'll give this list a shot a something meat I have had for a while -
maybe I can get a nice trade.

I have a big logic trainer that I would like to move on. It is pretty
neat and unique for three reasons:

1) It is based on vacuum tubes. Inside are a number of 12AX7oids that do
the work. I think this dates to the very late 1950s.

2) The logic is really odd. It is binary, but the logic levels are not
voltage levels, but phases. Hell of a way to run a railroad, in my book.

3) Its Japanese. Yes, Japanese. Apparently part of an early minicomputer
project that came out of Japan called Parametron.

So what I have is a really odd duck - a Parametron LT-2E, with power
supply, spares kit (with spare tubes!), and the reamins of a manual. It
is a pretty big desktop unit, but I think I can ship it FedEx ground in a
couple of boxes (from 10512).

As of now it is untested, but tomorrow I think I might look into powering
it up. There is some paint flakage and a little corrosion in the aluminum
body, but nothing to scream about.

So I am fishing for a trade. A good trade, as I know this thing is worth
some real money. What do I like? Big is good, old is good, IBM or Univac is
good, but I am open to ideas. I can trade up or down with cash, if we can
not quite equal things out.

Try me.

I'll try to get some pictures shot tomorrow.

William Donzelli
Received on Mon Feb 02 2004 - 21:48:01 GMT

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